What Happened to Marshall and Millions

What Happened to Marshall and Millions Dog? 

Marshall and Millions, two American Staffordshire terriers owned by Louie Turnbull, a homeless man in London, tragically lost their lives. The dogs, aged 3 years and 9 months respectively, were shot by London police shortly after a woman claimed they attacked her and her dogs.

Although police action would have been warranted if the dogs posed a threat, some witnesses say the woman was simply caught in the dogs' leashes and was never in real danger. The deaths of Marshall and Miles sparked the Animal Rising protest in London, with owner Louie Turnbull speaking at a vigil in honor of his beloved dogs.

Louie expressed his outrage, saying that despite the police's efforts to protect him, they threw weapons at him and the dogs and threatened him. He had the dogs on a leash and was trying to pull them when they were fatally shot. Louie himself was molested, arrested, and later arraigned, facing charges of owning animals that were out of control.

He pleaded not guilty to owning a dangerously out-of-control dog but pleaded guilty to being in possession of a dog while disqualified from keeping one. Louie described the incident as "disgusting" and emphasized that his goal was to retrieve the dogs and speak to the police. However, he faced resistance. The 46-year-old now seeks justice for Marshall and Millions while coping with the profound loss of her beloved pet.

Marshall and Millions Dog Death

The recent deaths of Marshall and Miles, two Staffordshire bull terriers, have shocked and angered many as they were tragically shot dead by Metropolitan Police officers in London. The incident took place on Sunday May 7 in Tower Hamlets, London.

Louie Turnbull, the owner of the homeless dogs, was later arrested and charged with possessing dangerous dogs. Disturbing video footage circulating on social media shows a confrontation between a man, his dogs and the police, which eventually leads to the brutal shooting of the animals.

What Happened to Police who Killed Marshall and Millions?

In a tragic incident that sparked public outrage, two Staffordshire bull terriers named Marshall and Miles were shot dead by Metropolitan Police officers in London. According to reports, the dogs were allegedly involved in an attack on a woman, prompting the police to retaliate.

Following the incident, the dogs' owner and a 46-year-old homeless man, Louie Turnbull, has been charged with dangerously out-of-control dogs and has appeared in court to face the charges. The murders of Marshall and Miles have sparked widespread controversy and sparked nationwide protests and vigils.

Protesters are demanding justice for the dogs and calling for the police officers responsible for the shooting to be held accountable for their actions. The incident has sparked important discussions about police behavior and the use of force in animal situations.

Justice for Marshall and Millions

Marshall and Millions, two Staffordshire bull terriers, were tragically shot dead by Metropolitan Police officers in the capital. The incident follows allegations that the dogs attacked a woman, as reported by the Doncaster Free Press. Louie Turnbull, a 46-year-old homeless man, has been charged with owning the "dangerously out of control" dogs and has been ordered to appear in court.

The controversial deaths of Marshall and Miles have sparked a wave of rallies and vigils across the country. People are demanding justice for the slaughtered dogs and demanding accountability of the policemen involved in the shooting. The incident has sparked significant debate about the treatment of animals and the actions of law enforcement officers.

Marshall and Millions Petition

A petition has been launched calling for accountability and justice in response to the tragic murders of Marshall and Miles by the Metropolitan Police. The petition calls for action against the officers involved, as the Met Police is yet to provide an update on their status.

With more than 60,000 signatures, the petition calls for criminal charges against the Metropolitan Police officer for what has been described as a "brutal" act of killing the dogs. The outcry has been huge, with over a million people signing a petition on change.org, calling for the police force to be held accountable. Disturbing footage of the incident, widely shared on social media, has fueled public outrage.

The incident happened on May 7 in Limehouse, where dog owner Mr Turnbull was staying on a boat with his beloved pets Marshall and Miles. The loss has left him deeply saddened. The growing support for the petition indicates a strong public desire for justice in this case, to ensure that similar incidents are prevented in the future and that the responsible parties are held accountable for their actions.

Update on Marshall and Millions Case

The case of two dogs killed by the Metropolitan Police, Marshall and Mullins, has received a lot of attention and support. A petition calling for the police to be held criminally accountable for the shooting has received over a million signatures. During the incident, the owner of the dogs, Louie Turnbull, was tased and arrested.

He recently appeared in court, facing charges of owning a dangerously out-of-control dog after allegedly attacking a woman. Police were called to the scene after reports of a dog attack in Poplar, east London. The woman involved suffered a minor leg injury that did not require hospital treatment. Witnesses have come forward, and claim she was caught in the vicious circle of dogs but was not seriously injured.

Animal rights activists have rallied behind the plea, and have condemned the killing of the dogs, who were allegedly in Leeds at the time, as 'brutal' and 'abhorrent'. They say the dogs are not a threat to the public and accuse police officers of causing unnecessary pain to the animals.

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